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LEDVision_Setup V5.0 V5.0 RELEASE NOTES

【5.0 Version】


1、Repaired the data of weather forecasting which was not available in China meteorological inquiry;

2、Added the setting of 3D video,and recovered 3D display problem,that when you selected "keep aspect ratio", there would show black edging at left and right side of the screen;

3、Added the function of sound fades in-out when played videos;

4、Repaired the problem of screen direction change when changed resolution of system;

C-series Player:

1、Added "Schedule Settings" to C-series player;

2、Supporting the setting of C3 and C6 better;

3、Added 4G,input type and output setting;

4、Optimized function of "Publish Program to C player",increasing stability;

5、Added "USB-to_Net Driver For PlyaBox" (win7 and under systems), when setup;

LED Screen Settings:

1、Used "i Series Mode"instead of "Classic Mode" in Software Management;

2、Added "Sortign Mode" and "Highlight Mode" for receiving card

3、Supporting S6 sender;

4、Added new "Loop Backup";

5、Supporting Silan chip series,including SM16017、SM16159、SM16207、MY9373、UCS1903B、UCS8903、UCS5603A、TM1916、TLC5946、UCS9812、ICN2053、ICN2038S、ICND2100、SUM2117、SUM2035、SUM2135、MBI5125;

6、Added "Double Deseams","Gamut Adjust" in performance setting; 

7、Optimized "Double Color" and "Monochrome" functions;

【4.20 Version】


1、Supporing files with".srt" format in screen window;

2、Added ".ifox" video format;

3、Added "Move Up","Move Down","Move Left","Move Right" option interface;

4、Added "Stretching Multiples" function in Screen Test;

5、Added "Brightness Alarms" in Alarm Settings under LAN;

6、Added "Username,Paaword,URL" info. in Cloud account;

7、Added the function of cloud connection and control;

8、Supporting "Timing Window";

9、Repaired play video problems, when added multiple "Desk Area Window";

10、Repaired display abnormal problems when chosen "keep aspect ratio" and "Rotate" in gif window;

11、Optimized the function of "show mouse" in sender card multiple screens;

12、Supporting screen select in Desk Area Window with win10;


1、Supporting S2 and S4 sender card;

2、Added "Double Color" and "Monochrome" control;

3、Supporting SUM2131 and CN2053; 

4、Supporting "Manual Brightness Adjustment" in "Screen Param" setting "From Computer" mode;

【4.18 Version】


1、Added "Select" option in Desktop Area;

2、Added icons to the right-click menu when editing programs;

3、Added the function of sound fades in when play the video;

4、Added progress bar control,"Cut" and "Clip Regin" option in video properties setting;

5、Added the function of "show mouse" in sender card and C-series player mode;

6、Added "Publish configuration to U disk" option in play program form USB drier mode;

7、Added the function of "Double-click to View Original Image" to C-series playbox;

8、Added "Volume" option and language selection;

9、Repaired the progress bar problem in flash and video properties;

10、Repaired problems about database;

11、Repaired problems about user management;


1、Solved the white square appearing while playing the offline programs in some special situations,and also solved the problem of erasure of the last offline program;  

2、Solved the problem of the default choice(C-series Play Box mode) when overlaied install the software; 

3、Optimized the stability of "Detect Receiver Cards" in C-series play box mode;

4、Deleted "20 Groups Style 2" in Output Model Set;

5、Deleted the "Real-Time Monitoring Interface" option;

6、EDID height limit was changed from 1600 to 4096 in custom resolution of sending card;


1、Repaired the problem of seam option by "Shift" key;


【4.12 Version】


1、Supporting extended screen to check the position and color in extended mode;

2、Optimized the function of weather forecasting;  

3、"Cloudy Device Management" interface was changed to "Program Publish" interface; 

4、Added "Log keeping time" and "Log type select" settings in "Play Log";

5、Added the "Fold" option in Secondary LED Play Screen Management;

6、Added "Ctrl+H" key for Display/Hide paly window;

7、Supporting ".asx、.mpe、.vcd 、.dvd 、.dat、.qsv、.qlv" video formats;

8、Added "Orade" and "MySQL" option in Database Type Selection;

9、Added "From File" option in Multi-Line Text Properties;

10、Added "Subtitle Window" option;

11、Added "Single-Column Text Window" option;

12、Added "Click to add files" option;


1、Supporting C-series play box perfectly; 

2、Added the function of Backup and Restore;

3、Added "Tips" and "Mail Feedback" options;

4、Revised the main interface, and been able to compatible with DPI disply; 

5、Added the "Better Graylevel on Low Brightness" option in sender settings;  

6、Added the "Send After Modify" function in screen parameters interface;

7、Added "Name Receiver Cards","Void Row Setting", and "Enable Alert LED" options in screen parameters interface;

8、Added "Backup for sender card" setting in Connection Parametes interface; 

9、Supporting SUM2130、TLC5971、MBI_5049、MBI5353 chip options;

10、Added the function of loading all manufacturers'preset parameters from cloud server;

11、Solved the problem of winpcap installation failed; 

12、Solved the problem of detect receiver cards in Net Card mode;

13、Optimized the "Real-Time Monitoring Interface" function;

14、Supporting sending screen parameters without connection parameters;

15、The limit of module's width and height was changed to 240, and the limit of void poing was changed to 128 in Intelligent Setting Wizard 1;


1、Optimized the calibration interface, making it easy-to-use;

2、Added the interface of "By Receiver Card" in Edit Mode, supporting "edit","send" and "read" the coefficient by cabinet or module; 

3、Added "Seam" option;

4、Supporting sending coefficient to the specified sender card; 

5、Supporting reading coefficient from the speified sender card; 

6、Optimized the "Import" and "Export" functions in calibration interface; 

7、Supporting editing coefficient of multiple sender cards  in point calibration interface;

8、Optimized the speed of sending and reading coefficient;

【3.66 Version】

1、Supporting T7H series sender cards; 

2、Added the function of recognizing type of i5 and i6 in Detect Receiver Cards;

3、Designed new "Output Exchange" interface in Screen Parameters interface; 

4、Revised the algorithm of loading and refresh of MBI6023,MBI15166 and MBI5266;Revised chips parameters setting interface;

5、Added MBI5043 chip option;

6、Added "Port" selection of sender card in multi-function card setting; 

8、Keeping "High Refresh Frequency 2(Gray Better)" option in Screen Parameters in classic mode;

9、Solved no change of "Visual Refresh" problem while chosen the "GCLK Multiplier" of MBI5041B/5045;

10、Set "From Receiver Cards" as default option in Screen Management with multi-screen;

11、Revisd the tips when clicked "Led Screen Setting";

12、Added DM5953/5958 options to Intelligent Setting;

13、Solved current gain display incorrect problem of MY9862 and MBI5034,adding MBI5124_N chip;

14、Solved display incorrect problem of palying office files;

15、Solved software crashes problem when playing with auto update option but files not exist;  

16、Added "Rotate Left 45°" and "Rotate Right 45°" options in Secondary LED Play Screen Management;

17、Supporting "Close/Open Screen" function direclty without detecting sender card;

18、Added "Save" option of brightness adjustment in Net Card clasic mode;

19、Supporting brightness level parameters to be saved to files in clasic mode;

【3.62 Version】

1、Solved the problem of "Create windowmessage filter failed" while starting the software in XP system; 

【3.60 Version】

1、Solved the problem that process can not be closed after closing software; 

2、Solved software crashes problems when playing only global page;

3、Revised language translation, including French,Japanese,Korean,Portuguese,Russian,Spanish,Swedish; 

4、Solved background music paly problem; 

5、Repaired the problem that could see the text even opacity was 0% when palying txt file; 

6、Repaired software exiting slow problem after playing program for a while;  

7、Added "Fade or slide ToolTips into view" option for Multi-Line Text Window;

8、Revised the problem of "Storage Path of files from network" in Software Management; 

9、Revised the problem of incorrect "Check Office" in Environment Checker; 

10、Solved the problem of "Unable to create d3d device" happened occasionally after restarting the computer;

11、Revised setting problems in multi-screen net card mode;

12、Revised intelligent setting problems in some special situation;

13、Revised output exchange problem after revised the data groups;

14、Solved the problem that "Remenber Position" was not available in extended mode;

15、Solved the problem that "Start Everyday Regularly" was not available after restarting the computer;

16、Updated LEDVISION Use manual;

17、Added the option of Temperature and Humidity Properties from receiver card;

18、Added functions of "Keep aspect ratio" and "Set All Pictures" in Image Properties;

19、Supporting 32 scan in Intelligent Setting.



Play Part

1. Freely select capturing area in desktop area window;

2. Add multiple fresh icons for pages editing column;

3. The volume of video fades in;

4. Add play progress control, cut and clip region choices for video properties;

5. Conceal the mouse under Sender Card/C-Series play box mode;

6. Add U-disk to configure controlled resolution/network under C-series play box.

7. Add double-click to check the large graphic of screenshot for C-series play box.

8. Add volume adjustment and language setting for C play boxes;

9. Modify the abnormality while adjusting progress bar in video properties;

10. Fix relevant bugs of database;

11. Fix relevant bugs of user management;

Control Part

1. Modify the inerasable problem of last sending offline contents under some specific conditions;

2. Fix C-series play box mode default while installing LEDVISION;

3. Optimize the stability of detecting receiving card under C-series playbox mode;

4. Delete 20 groups style 2 for output model set;

5. Delete monitoring function;

6. Sender card customizes EDID, and change max height resolution from 1600 pixels to 4096 pixels;

LEDUpgrade_Setup V1.20 V1.20RELEASE NOTES

【LEDUpgrade V1.20 Release Note】

1. Supports Lattice series 5A receiving card (pcb V1.0, V2.8, V4.2, V6.0); i5 receiving card (pcb V6.0, V7.0) and i6 receiving card;

2. Supports S2, S4, S4F/HD102, S6F and Z6; 

3. Supports C3, C4, C5, C6 and C7 LED player;

4. Preset receiving card program;

5. Preset receiving card fonts;  

6. Preset sending card program;

7. Preset sending card fonts;

LEDAssistant_apk V4.3.5 V4.3.5RELEASE NOTES


1. Add quickly access terminals and programs on the drawer;

2. Editing programs support undo;

3. Add japanese support;

4. General bug fixes.

Calibration Pro_Setup V3.0 V3.0 RELEASE NOTES
CCloud_apk V1.0.10RELEASE NOTES

The APP is compatible with the C series of Colorlight (Shenzhen) Cloud Technology Co., Ltd, which can be used to remotely control LED displays on the Internet.

The APP is divided into five modules:

1. Terminal: control the LED display screen, check the information, control its shutdown, start up, switch programs, etc.;

2. Monitor: check the location of LED display, check the operation record, error log, etc.

3. Program editor: edit LED display screen;

4. Program management: managing programs, managing materials, distributing programs to terminals, etc.

5. Account Management: login management, language switching, etc.

[1.010 Version]
1. Fix the known bugs in the previous version; 
2. Add single-line-text, multi-text, web window;

3. Optimize other interfaces;

[1.09 Version]

1. Fix the known bugs in the previous version; 
2. Add new template, edit template, create program according to template; 

3. Optimize other interfaces;

iSet_Setup V3.1 V3.1 RELEASE NOTES

iSet V3.1   2018 01-17 (25735)

1, Added of Z6 send card support.

2, Added the function of reading the basic parameters of the box, optimized the basic parameters of the preservation box, and can save the parameters of the multi-type box at the same time.

3, The software can choose to open the advanced features after authorization

4, Device information in the receiving card shows an increase of screening mechanism

5, The original 3D features were optimized, simplifying the setup process.

6, Fixed some bug.

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