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Seeing the Development Trend and Application of Small Pitch LED from NAB Show


The NAB Show is the world's most influential broadcast and television equipment exhibition, bringing together top-tier equipment and service providers in all segments of the global industrial chain. As the most promising display device in the fields of radio and television, LED display screens cannot be naturally absent. Strong domestic and foreign enterprises are all presenting at this exhibition.

As the most innovative video and LED control system solution provider in the world, Colorlight attended the NAB Show. With our particularly eye-catching 1200-square-foot booth, Colorlight presented the latest products and technology in the field for domestic and foreign customers.

Heroes gather together, masters are on the same platform, and the industry development trend is naturally evident.

I would like to share my Analysis below.

Trend 1: New technology is big and popular, HDR is in full swing.

As the latest video technology, HDR has become a key technological promotion for manufacturers of the television broadcast industry in all aspects, such as content production, shooting equipment, image processing and display devices. 4K@HDR has become a common practice and a key technology of a product’s overall competitiveness.


Colorlight has always been concerned about the forefront of global technological development and actively promoted technological innovation in the industry. It has been imitated but has never been surpassed.




Trend 2: 4K@HDR, Small Pitch Standard Configuration.

In the fields of broadcasting and television, small-pitch has been widely applicable in 4K, 8K and even larger resolutions that continue to endlessly emerge. Moreover, with the continuous advancement of industry technology, 4K@HDR has also become a standard configuration for all signal inputs.


With each signal supporting 4K@HDR, Colorlight’s high-end video processing equipment Z6, Z6 Max, Z8, and Z8 Max have won favor and recognition from professional audiences and international experts in the show.



Trend 3: Constantly challenging limitations is the most constant demand in the high-end area.

The technical specifications of related equipment for broadcasting and television, such as signal latency, are extremely strict since the field applications are typically high-end. Colorlight's "0" latency technology is a must-have choice for high-end applications and for the perfect experience.


Trend 4: Technological breakthroughs and innovations, continuous development of application areas.

With the continuous improvement of LED small-pitch technology, especially the introduction of 0.7mm small pitches, coupled with the further maturation of technologies such as COB, LED displays have begun to fully surpass traditional LCD screens. As a result, their application fields, such as LED TV applications, have become more flexible and broad.

Colorlight LED TV solution, based on Ledroid's platform, can facilitate the realization of standardized television signal access, customized control interface design, touch screen interaction, and a series of intelligent functions to help customers present higher value in a better way.


Trend 5: All things connected, where there is cloud, there is future.

Cloud technology has completely changed the way we live and behave, and it will continue to influence the development of the industry. Cloud-based Colorlightcloud provides cloud-networked clustering solutions that create unlimited possibilities for business displays and smart cities.



Never forget why we started and keep moving forward.

Colorlight insisted on "creating higher value through technological innovation", focusing on video, image, and cloud networking technologies, creating a full range of products and solutions in the LED display field to meet the application needs of each market segment.



During this Exhibition, new and regular customers, as well as other professional visitors from all over the world, applauded and showed their approval for Colorlight’s advanced technology and creativity. Our international friends gave unceasing praise after experiencing our presentations, reviewing the products themselves constantly in front of the display stand, and from explanations by our professional teams.



Our steps will never stop

Like a raging fire with irresistible force

Just for sharing the beauty of technological innovation with the world!

Visual Future, the future of vision!

Next stop

6th-8th June, infoComm U.S. 2018


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